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Our festival provides a multitude of educational and professional development opportunities year round! We strive to expand the young filmmaker community in Tuscaloosa and the areas, providing the chance to create stories with technology supplied by the College of Communication and Information Sciences.


Workshops with Industry Professionals

Professional film critics give advice on how they found careers post graduation, and explain their experiences as audience members  at hundreds of screenings.


Crash Course in Camerawork

Creating a film can be a daunting task. Engaging classes teach every aspect of the process, with helpful tips that prepare students for working on a film set. 


Post-Production Tutorials

Peer led workshops allow for students to learn about industry standard software. Facilitated by University of Alabama professors, these tutorials break down technical jargon for a range of experience levels!

Programming Meetings

"RTFF Programming Meetings commence weekly, screening a selection of festival submissions to a committee of University of Alabama students. Members give their input on certain aspects of submitted student films as well as an overall rating, directly helping determine what films make it into the festival! Students of any major can join the programming committee; screenings aren't limited to just film students!"

James Oreilly

Director of Programming

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